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About Quantum Screening...

Quantum Screening was founded in 2016 in response to the noticeable growth in cancer cases around the world and to diminish the impact of cancer. By 2020, cancer is expected to become the number one killer in the US and the world. Early detection of cancer and chronic diseases offers a significant improvement for suffering patients as it can lead to a potential cure and long term survival, and improved quality of life. Cancers caught at the later stages significantly reduces the chances of survival even with the current methods of medical intervention such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. The scientists and physicians of Quantum Screening have spent the last 20 years developing tests that will allow clinicians to give conclusive results to their patients in a matter of minutes in their office


The tools and products that we are developing and creating will have a tremendous impact on the medical community, and more importantly, a real impact on humanity. It is our hope that these products will both improve survival, but also improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world. 

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